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Ian Crawley Art Sculpture Gods Prototype The nature of man "Nerves" by Ian Crawley
Gods Prototype The nature of man Nerves
Sticks, stones, graphite and gesso on wood
74" x 46" x 8"

Gods Prototype The nature of man
In this body of work “Gods Prototype; The nature of man,” I am using materials found in nature such as stones, tree branches, soil, green moss etc., to illustrate the anatomy of the human body. These works are not literal interpretations but prototypes; something God would have probably created while sitting around in the Garden of Eden on a wet Sunday afternoon.

This work has grown out of an interest in the use of materials to investigate the interaction between man and nature, between the natural and the artificial (man-made). I am interested in the
metaphorical associations man has placed on these various materials in an effort to understand who he is and to make sense of the world around him.