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Ian Crawley Art Sculpture
Earth "You're Going to Reap Just What You Sow"
Burnt pear tree branches nylon filament, wood & ashes
70" x 24" x 24"

Earth - You’re Going to Reap Just What You Sow
This sculpture was created for a group show entitled “Ecovisions.” The theme of the show was mans impact, good or bad, on the surrounding environment. I used pear tree branches and cut them in to different lengths to create a sphere when suspended from the ceiling, imitating the shape of the Earth. However, as you walk around the work it changes from a sphere in to a more man-made shape, a Rhombus/Diamond. Using the pear tree branches as a natural resource I burnt each branch and scattered the ashes below to create a hollow circular shaped void; a possible outcome for the Earth if we continue to squander our resources.
The title, taken from a line in the Lou Reed song “Perfect Day” seemed an appropriate choice.