Ian Crawley
Best Buy TreeG.E. TreeCarle TreeEwing Tree Lutheran TreeJumer TreeConstitution Trail- G.E. TreeConstitution Trail- G.E. Double TreeConstitution Trail- G.E. Tree DetailConstitution Trail- Jumer Dr. TreeConstitution Trail- G.E. Double Tree 2Digital Trees 1Digital Trees 2Digital Trees 3Digital Trees 4Digital Trees 5Digital Trees 6Digital Trees 7Digital Trees 8Digital Trees 9Digital Trees 10Digital Trees 11Digital Trees 12Digital Trees 13
Constitution Trail
Constitution Trail is a pathway that offers different routes for walkers and cyclists to get around town. Along these routes are a number of fascinating trees. Continuing my interest in observational drawing I selected some of these trees for subjects to study. It was also a great chance to re-introduce color back into my pallet!

Digital Drawings
These images were taken with a cell phone, and reworked in Photoshop. As laser prints I continued to work into them with graphite, pen and india ink.